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Original Computer Desktop Wallpaper for The Witcher

Exclusive Photo Wallpaper Documentary!
Witcher In Life or Death Battle with Dragon!

A recent invasion of Man Eating Bearded Dragons has been seen throughout Temeria, and the city guard have been unable to keep the invasion under control. These creatures are extremely dangerous! The Witcher Weekly World News’ own photographer was nearly killed while obtaining the exclusive footage of a Witcher hunting the dragons! Read More...

Exclusive! "Lost in the Swamps" - Original Music Inspired by The Witcher, by Anarchos

Only Available on The Witcher Weekly World News! We are delighted to present an all original composition by Anarchos, "Lost In the Swamps". This piece was composed by Anarchos himself after an excursion into the swamps near Vizima, in which Anarchos was several times nearly killed himself by encounters with Drowners and Drowned Dead, among other fearsome predators and monsters. We are fortunate indeed that Anarchos survived to bring us this piece, which he states was inspired after a long night meditating next to a campfire in a field not far from an ancient ruined Wizard’s Tower. Read More...

Live Music from the New Narakort:
Brought to you by Anarchos!

The Witcher Weekly World News is proud to present to you, our loyal readers, the new music player! Thanks to the unwavering efforts and contributions of the mysterious Anarchos, our visitors can now hear musical performances from the finest musicians playing at The New Narakort!

Celebrity Update:
Top Places in Vizima to See Top Celebrities!

Check out our travel and dining section to see where Vizima’s superstars, celebrities, royalty, and locals hang out! Whether you are interested in upscale dining at The New Narakort, or prefer rubbing elbows with the local working stiffs at The Hairy Bear Inn, Vizima has something for everyone!

Witcher Cult in Vizima!

Thanks to an anonymous inside informant, The Witcher Weekly World News obtained classified information about Secret Agents and Cult Recruiters infiltrating organizations and communities in Vizima! Read More....

Support Our Local Businesses

You may notice that we have a new classifieds section up, and more advertising on this site. Our ad-sales department has been pounding the pavement in Vizima and the surrounding villages and communities, to bring you information about our fine local businesses and service providers. Please support our local businesses by visiting their establishments, and mention that you saw their ad in The Witcher Weekly News! Read More...

Never Before Seen!!! Changes at The Witcher Weekly World News!!!

New and never before seen changes have come to Temeria’s Number One News Site! Experience up to the minute Action News and scenes from the Witcher, delivered directly to your browser! Thanks to the tireless work of an individual known only by the pseudonym of "Anarchos", we are now proud to offer new features to you, our fine readers! We now offer flash rotators, developed exclusively for this News Site by Anarchos. Those in the community who know him recognize Anarchos as a top notch flash developer who has done a lot of work for sites such as,, and other sites we dare not mention. Anarchos is also, according to our investigations, a skilled flash game programmer, graphic artist, free-style rapper, pen and pencil gaming geek, and occult researcher. Learn more about this mysterious Anarchos at

Sapkowski’s Past as a Witcher Revealed!

Fantasy Author or Reincarnated Witcher? Our investigative reporters have found out the truth: Sapkowski’s stories are not just "fantasy novels", but are in fact the TRUE LIFE DIARIES of Sapkowski’s SECRET PAST as a mercenary assassin and hired monster slayer and killer! Read More....

Beastiary Special Report:
Government Covers Up Monster Invasion!

Starting this month, our dedicated field reporters will be reporting on the monster infestation in Vizima and the surrounding communities. We will tell you what they are, where they come from, and what is or is not being done about them by our government, our local citizens, and others. Learn the truth about what the government is not telling you! Read More....

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